North City Photo ID Project

Through the North City Photo ID Project, the Ashrei Foundation offers assistance to people who live in St. Louis by offering guidance on the process of applying for a Missouri non-driver non-real photo identification card, including acquiring the required documentation. For many people, this means obtaining a certified copy of their birth certificate. The Ashrei Foundation will also cover the cost of obtaining this kind of ID and a birth certificate issued anywhere in the United States. 

We are thankful to partner with the Tabernacle Community Development Corporation to offer this project in North St. Louis.

Why is this important?

Access is power. The state of Missouri is constantly trying to restrict access to voting, making it harder for some members of our community to exercise their right to vote and participate fully in our democracy. 

Most recently, the Missouri legislature passed HB1878, which went into effect on August 28, 2022. This law includes some of the most restrictive voter suppression laws in the country. On August 24, several organizations including the MO Voter Protection Coalition and the ACLU of Missouri filed lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of this law. So our strategies represent a “both-and” tactic: we will fight to nullify and change this and other voter suppression laws in Missouri while actively working to expand access to the ballot under existing unjust laws through efforts like the North City Photo ID Clinic Project.

One of the provisions of this new law eliminates many of the forms of voter ID that were already required in Missouri, and mandates that every eligible voter present a non-expired, Missouri- or federally-issued photo ID in order to vote. Without it, registered voters will only be able to cast provisional ballots. This means everyone who wishes to vote will have to go in person to a DMV office and present all the required documentation, and sometimes pay the cost of the ID. We also know that requirements like this disproportionately impact communities of color, elderly and homebound, and low-income individuals.

In addition to access to the ballots, having valid photo identification and a birth certificate increase access to other services and needs, including: rent, employment, banking/credit, health insurance, public benefits, and more.

Our Services

We provide a voucher and/or check to pay for non-real non-driver photo IDs and/or Birth Certificates from any state in the United States. We provide guidance on the NEXT STEPS to secure official, government-issued identification. We offer Proof of Residency (if needed) and are able to receive approved IDs and Birth Certificates in the mail to our office. We offer free one-day bus passes to facilitate obtaining these documents, while supplies last. We help individuals confirm and/or update their voter registration, if eligible. We treat everyone with dignity and respect.

At this time, we are NOT able to offer any of the following services: we do not accept any other form of mail on behalf of guests at our office; we do not help with housing or utilities; we do not directly assist with any other services beyond IDs and birth certificates. We will do our best to refer individuals to additional area organizations that might be able to meet these or other needs. 

Get Involved

We offer monthly walk-in clinics as well as weekly appointment-only hours. Please check our Events page for the dates of upcoming monthly clinics. Weekday appointments are available on most Thursdays in Fall-Winter 2022. To make an appointment, please call or text 314-252-8060.

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