About Us

Our Vision

We imagine a just Missouri where the way we look, where we are from, or who we define ourselves to be does not limit our access to quality and affordable healthcare, education, housing, technology, and economic stability.

Our Mission

To empower and activate the St. Louis community and partners throughout the state of Missouri to promote economic justice, to relieve suffering, and interrupt cycles of poverty.

Who We Are

The Ashrei Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization designed to take social and civic action, providing an engine for the community to extend and sustain the social justice core values of Central Reform Congregation for generations to come. The Ashrei Foundation works alongside the congregation, helping to deepen their social justice work and move the community Ashrei—forward. During our initial months, we will listen with deep intentionality to each other to determine our path towards more justice, more mercy and more equity for all.

The Ashrei Foundation was created to empower and activate the St. Louis faith community and partners throughout the state of Missouri to promote economic justice, to relieve suffering, and interrupt cycles of poverty.  Building upon established relationships of trust, the work of Ashrei will be to deepen the  social justice work of the faith community and leverage resources that are not available to houses of worship. As a known and trusted presence in the City of St. Louis, the Staff and Board of Ashrei will be able to engage communities of faith for projects and programs that serve the common good. “Ashrei,” is a word from the Psalms that means “forward”, and the Ashrei Foundation will support the  vision of moving forward to a more just world for all. 

The Ashrei Foundation has helped the members of the Central Reform Congregation engage in racial justice training that was required to be a more welcoming environment for people of color. It has also worked to pay rents directly to landlords to keep them from evicting tenants during the pandemic. 

Presently and in the future the Ashrei Board will continue engaging congregations in hands-on programs that relieve the suffering caused by poverty, while maintaining focus on the racist systems that created this pervasive injustice. The Ashrei Foundation will also give a seat at the table to the leadership of Central Reform Congregation as it works with other nonprofits that make up the St. Louis Resource Collaborative to serve the most vulnerable on the North Side of the City of St. Louis.  It will also design an outreach program to foster dialogue and grow relationships between people who do not ordinarily meet.  The focus is to give people a chance to listen to each other’s concerns, to grow civil discourse around issues affecting them and to find common ground.  We believe that in order to move Ashrei, Forward, we need to move forward together as communities, as a region and as a state.

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