About Us

Our Vision

We imagine a just Missouri where the way we look, where we are from, or who we define ourselves to be does not limit our access to quality and affordable healthcare, education, housing, technology, and economic stability.

Our Mission

To empower and activate the St. Louis community and partners throughout the state of Missouri to promote economic justice, to relieve suffering, and interrupt cycles of poverty.

Our Values

  • Cooperation: Building and facilitating trusting relationships across the state, working alongside while independent from Central Reform Congregation
  • Inclusion: Recognizing that everyone has infinite worth, and valuing all faiths, voices, and perspectives that call for moral courage and justice
  • Community: Building bottom-up relationships working for the common good, led by family systems and trauma-informed approaches to understanding community dynamics
  • Anti-Racism: Finding value at the edges of our comfort zones and bringing our allies with us to dismantle white supremacy and systemic racism
  • Curiosity: We enter the work from a posture of curiosity: listening first and seeking to understand rather than impart knowledge
  • Joy: Supporting the pursuit of happiness as a basic human right

Our Priorities

  • Empowerment: Working to ensure that all people have low-/ no-barrier access to the economic resources and information needed to make healthy informed decisions for ourselves and our community
  • Activation: Bringing change through raising awareness, building strong partnerships, and developing a base of people who have energy, time and resources to engage in the issue
  • Interruption: Working collectively to dismantle oppressive systems and create a liberated community, utilizing short- and long-term strategies of resistance

Strategic Levers

  • Partnership Investments: Intentionally invest in community partners through financial assistance and capacity building, leveraging the strengths of our privilege to amplify new and existing efforts in the region.
  • Policy & Advocacy: Grow democracy by building the “middle” in Missouri through increasing awareness and inviting opportunities for direct engagement
  • Community-Building: Building community power and dismantling racist systems relies on building healthy relationships: space for authenticity, building trust, navigating difference and power, and shared purpose.
  • Direct Assistance: Demonstrate care for the whole person in our interactions with neighbors through identifying and offering immediate, short-term solutions to relieve suffering.

2022 Annual Goals

  1. We will become a sustainable and efficient non-profit organization with equity-based policies and practices that hold us accountable to our mission.
  2. We will build strong relationships and intentional community with members of Central Reform Congregation, congregational neighbors and community members in North City, always operating at the speed of trust.
  3. Recognizing that money can be used as medicine and part of healing in our communities, we will be responsible and transparent stewards of all gifts received, so they might be used expeditiously to serve the common good.
  4. We will meet and support new and existing projects that enable us to empower and activate our base in ways that facilitate low-barrier access to quality and affordable healthcare, education, housing, technology and economic stability.
  5. We will leverage our finances and our relationships in order to respond swiftly to urgent and emergent community needs.