Empower & Activate

Welcome to the Ashrei Foundation. Easy ways to get involved are provided in the Blog section of our website, where you can find links, resources and articles to help you feel empowered and find ways to turn that knowledge and passion into action.

Ashrei seeks to empower, activate and interrupt. Here’s what that means to us:


Working to ensure that all people have low-/ no-barrier access to the economic resources and information needed to make healthy informed decisions for ourselves and our community


Bringing change through raising awareness, building strong partnerships, and developing a base of people who have energy, time and resources to engage in the issue


Working collectively to dismantle oppressive systems and create a liberated community, utilizing short- and long-term strategies of resistance

In this Blog section, we’ll share resources, links, tips, invitations, and opportunities that we hope serve to facilitate your empowerment and activation. Change won’t happen without you! Thank you for being part of this movement.

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